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You are currently viewing the second layout for this fanlisting: a Native American, rock shaman style design that has been online since September 2008. I created the header graphic, page backgrounds and dividers using many images, all of which I am highly grateful to the original photographers for taking, and sharing them with the world. Please read the site disclaimer for more information on the use of these photographs in this layout. Otherwise, photograph identifications and other general features are discussed below, in relation to the period they originate:

  1. Photographs:
    1. Images range from the Buffalo Springfield era (1965-7), to Neil’s fragile Harvest (1972) days (long hair, half smiles), to his late 1970’s/early 1980’s live rock performances (straight eyes, whole infused words)
  2. Album covers:
    1. (1968) Neil Young
    2. (1969) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    3. (1972) Harvest
    4. (1975) Zuma
  3. Song lyrics:
    1. "Rust never sleeps": from Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
    2. "Between the lines of age": from Words
    3. "I’ve been first and last/look at how the time goes past": from Old Man

I hope everyone enjoys the layout, and the country, Native American and Nature fused feel I was trying to convey when it comes to Neil! As usual, if you have any queries about the layout in general, do contact me. Also, please read the site disclaimer for more details on the use of Neil Young photographs in this layout.

Below is a list of layouts that this website has previously featured:

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