neil young : an introduction to mr. versatile

Who is Neil Young? Well, over 40+ years of performing, he’s become a sort of "Laurel Canyon type of aboding hippie / quietly intimate and witty piano tinkling diary singer / American history researcher / darkly intense rock musician / hat tilting country ranch owner / thrashing bashing smashing thrasher / Godfather of Grunge / computerised Transformer Man / insightful Prairie Wind searcher / howling growling singer crying for political change and reality" kinda person. Here’s a musician who can turn human emotions into places in nature, always nailing the truth and opening your eyes to a new perspective of the world. Even now, with fluffs of grey hair sprouting out of diamond sideburns, he’s still twisting words and emotions to a climax with one phrase and guitar riff.

Biography External website. At Wikipedia, you can learn more about Neil’s development as a musician and artist, his role in demanding political change and helping the environment, his achievements, the famous instruments he uses and his endless inspiration to ageless generations. Go » Discography External website. At Wikipedia again, here is a thorough look at Young’s amazingly diverse array of officially released recordings. These are dynamic, insightful, brave and inspirational records that are a joy to be discovered, and a true indication of Neil’s versatility as an artist. Go »
Lyrics database External website. This brilliant "Searchable Neil Young Lyrics Database" at allows you to search a huge and accurate database for Neil’s songs that are either released or unreleased, or true hidden gems you could only hear on Omemee streets and tour buses. Go » Quotes database Because of my love for Neil’s words, categories, concepts and styles, I decided to dedicate a whole website to a possible structural organisation of his gorgeously free-flowing work, by analysing certain quotes from songs, books, et al. This is still very much work in progress! Go »

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