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Neil Young
Albums: 1996: Dead Man;

History and Politics
1960s; 1960s; 1969: Woodstock Festival; 1970: Kent State Shootings;

Music Miscellany
Music; Lyrics; Guitar solos; Vinyl records; Instruments: Guitars; Instruments: Guitars: Acoustic; Instruments: Harmonicas; Genres: 1950s; Genres: 1970s; Genres: Acoustic; Genres: Blues; Genres: Folk Rock; Genres: Grunge;

All male musicians; All singer/songwriters; Amos, Tori; Baez, Joan; Beach Boys, the; Beatles, the; Buffalo Springfield; Cobain, Kurt; Cohen, Leonard; Costello, Elvis; Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young); Crow, Sheryl; Dylan, Bob; Eagles, the; Guthrie, Woody; Henley, Don; Jefferson Airplane; Lennon, John; Lovin Spoonful, the; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Mitchell, Joni; Richards, Keith; The Rolling Stones; Sainte-Marie, Buffy; Seeger, Pete; Springsteen, Bruce; Wonder, Stevie;

Movies, Actors/Actresses and Soundtracks
Movies: Dances with Wolves (1990); Movies: Dead Man (1995); Movies: Philadelphia (1993); Soundtracks: Dead Man;

Concepts: Culture(s); Concepts: Dreams; Concepts: Honesty; Concepts: Respect; People: Hippies; Places: Canada; Places: Canada: Ontario: Toronto; Places: United States; TV Shows: The Daily Show;

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